Why I Overeat: 11 Strategies to Stop This Dangerous Cycle!

Learn The Truth About Overeating and How to Stop it All While Improving Your Self-Worth, Happiness, Health, and Weight!

Why I Overeat: 11 Strategies to Stop This Dangerous Cycle!
How to Stop Overeating Today!

Learn The Truth About Overeating and How to Stop it All While Improving Your Self-Worth, Happiness, Health, and Weight!

The one thing we can control is what we put in our mouths. It feels good to eat anything we want whenever we want. Today, we examine the serious and painful issue of overeating and how to stop this unhealthy habit.

The truth about overeating is we all do it from time to time, and yet some of us are suffering more and need a more permanent fix.

Why? Feeding someone is taking care of them. We were fed by our parents when young or sick to help us thrive or feel better. Plus, parents are really good about celebrating all life's accomplishments with food.

Feeding ourselves makes us feel warm, loved, and safe: empty while nourishing our bodies. When we feel bad, we instinctively need to experience the same healing and comforting feelings showered upon us as children. This validates our life struggles, celebrations, and worthiness of loving care.

How Overeating Jeopardizes Our Health

All this overeating creates one silent danger: few think about empty calories packed with chemicals that can impact our organs' natural and healthy ebb and flow. Oh sure, we all know about that, but what we fail to factor in is when stuffing ourselves with empty calories, our bodies, and all its cells are deprived of the fuel required to thrive and grow new cells. It's like trying to run a car on soda.

When the world beats us up, we need to be nurtured, and food is readily available to meet our needs. When we can't be hugged or validated with encouraging words, we reach for food to feel the void.

The Takeawaycookies or chips into our mouths Regarding The Power of Food

  1. Understanding the power food has over you is the first step to freedom. Food symbolizes healing and celebration. When in a difficult situation we can do nothing about, we can always reach for food. No one can tell us we can't toss cookies or chips into our mouths whenever because we can sometimes even till the entire bag is gone.

Plus, we can eat any type of cookie or chips we want. Food is the one thing we can have anyway, whenever, with we want it. It gives us back some sense of control regardless of how fleeting.

Food is the one constant in our lives we can control, with positive strings attached to our fondest memories. Understanding this powerful need and desire to be nurtured is the key to freedom.

How to Overcome Overeating

Take a Glimpse Into Your Past

2. Identifying your past to uncover triggers that cause you to overeat. We must reprogram our responses when addressing the real and valid need to be nurtured by creating new habits. The old methods of nurturing and celebrating with food pale compared to how we do it now.

Back in the day, when we were kids, food was different. More of it was homemade and had to feed more people. Portions size has grown tremendously. Getting a bag or box of cookies during childhood meant it was shared among the entire family, siblings included.

When we overeat, we tend to do it while no one is around; we get pretty crafty at hiding the deed. As adults, we have more control over how much food we have and can get our hands on it at any time. This helps us feel in control when life makes us feel powerless. Being lonely can trigger overeating.

If, after reading this blog post, you feel you do not fully understand why you overeat, check out our seven causes and how to stop. Make sure you read this entire post entirely before moving on; it may be all you need.


Build a Reward SYSTEM - Treat Yourself

3. Rewarding yourself for caring for; yourself creates incentives and builds momentum. Build a reward system, and treat yourself any day you make it through without overeating. Rewards give you an incentive to stay the course. Besides, you are already conditioned to reward and soothe yourself. You should reward yourself for reaching goals and doing well in life, just do it differently

Remember, Your Body Is Not A Trash Can It Is A Beautiful Creation! So stop stuffing junk into your wonderful body.

4. Set up a reward system to help you now and in the future. Support your goals by setting yourself up to win. Willpower alone will not cut it. You have got to replace bad habits with good habits. You will find other forms of rewards and treats that are not food more pleasurable and the stepping stones to positive change. You will value yourself more and feel better without the guilt that follows a binge.

Choose Your Alternative Rewards

Breaking the food habit takes days, weeks, and sometimes months. I personally like the money method.

Best Reward Jar for Overeating

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Best Reward and Money Jar

The Money Method

You will need a jar. It can be any type of jar you like, pretty, sturdy, rustic, or whatever makes you smile; heck, even buy a fun piggy bank if it makes you feel good.

Motivation & Inspiration to Succeed

I like the motivational jar shown above. This is how I use it;

  1. Buy a motivational jar of your choice, one with inspiring notes inside.
  2. Set the jar wherever you spend the most time.
  3. Anytime you feel the need for a reward, open the jar, take out an inspiring note, and replace it with a dollar or five or even change, depending on what you have on hand.

This method gives you an instant pat on the back with the inspiring note, plus you get the satisfaction of knowing you just added more money to your jar that will soon buy you whatever you want that is not food related!

For every day you don't binge, pig out, or overeat, reward yourself by putting loose change or a dollar or more into a jar, keep it where you can see it, and watch it grow.

You can also reward yourself with money for achieving a personal, work, or other related goal.

5. Connect With, Embrace, and Nurture Your Inner Child. YOU ARE THAT CHILD, so treat yourself as such. Seriously, the thing deep within causing us to overeat is most often attached to the hurt kid with a skinned knee living in our psyche. When others make us feel undervalued or taken for granted, those childhood memories of being cared for and nurtured when hurt can manifest into adulthood. And that kid (you) deserves it and wants a reward they can see!

Once there is enough money in the jar to buy yourself something nice, not food, buy it and reward yourself.

Fun Fact - When you stop overeating the trigger foods you would binge you save money. Food is expensive and the few dollars you toss into your jar are coming from the money you no longer spend on junk, fast food, or decadent treats.

The Take Away for Money Reward System

Life takes a toll on us; sometimes, it's expected, but most often, it hits us out of the blue.

In moments like these, we need to be cared for, made to feel alright, or cheered up. If only we could hear everything will be alright from a nurturing person who believes in us. As adults, this is often not the case, and when we are left to our own defenses, we eat, drink, and try to forget about the things bringing us down.

Reality Check

Imagine yourself as a child and you are the caregiver of that child, how would you care for that child,? Would you set them down with a box of cookies, a bag of chips, and soda in front of the television? No, you would not. You are that child so treat yourself as such!

We can always reach for food to feel better. It reminds us of those feel-good moments, celebrations, and gatherings with family and friends.

Why? Because when we're down, hurt, or struggling and need to feel better, food is both handy and nurturing. It allows us to care for ourselves when the world around us seems oblivious to our pain or perhaps causing it.

But this type of reaction to emotions and pain is not what we aim for, so we must get creative. If you want more than the money method, continue reading; there is more.

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Spoil Yourself With Water

Water Yourself to Grow a New Life

6. Learn the true value of water, how our entire planet depends on it, and how your body is mostly water and vital to your existence. More and more water is becoming a more precious natural resource that breathes life and health into us all.

Be grateful you have access to water, and respect it for how valuable it is to you, the planet, and all you love. Water is crucial for good health, and drinking enough water can be a healthy habit to stave off overeating. Splurge on fancy spring or mineral water bottled in glass or recyclable paper to satisfy the urge to purge.

You will treat yourself to one of the most crucial elements the human body needs, yet so many don't get near enough. Water can eliminate those pesky food cravings.

Often when we feel a craving we think it is for food when in fact our bodies are crying out for water. Always try water first and do both you body and mind a favor.

We eat this and that, trying to satisfy our craving until we finally need to wash it all down with some water, and then the cravings end. Hmmm, imagine that!

The bottles and boxes can be recycled without harming the environment. Do not drink bottled water in plastic bottles, this is not a healthy option, and it is bad for our planet and those expected to live there.

INFUSION WATER IS AMAZING and one of my favorite healthy addictions if feels like splurging. I like this pitcher with lemons, but my daughter puts all sorts of fruit in it: strawberries, watermelon, mango, raspberries, and, at times, a mixture of any and all of those on the list.

Best Make Your Own Infusion Water Pitcher

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5 Benefits of Water

Fast Facts on Drinking Water and Why We Need More

  1. Adult humans are 60 percent water, and our blood is 90 percent water, so if we were a plant, we would need a lot of water or become sick and die.
  2. Doctors or regular folks cannot agree on the quantity of water best consumed daily as the once 8 to 10 glasses a day has expanded.
  3. Kidneys and other bodily functions need water to thrive and function properly.
  4. Dehydrated skin is more vulnerable to wrinkling and skin disorders.
  5. Drinking water routinely helps with weight loss and maintenance.

6 Ways to Find Comfort Without Food

7. Add things to your life that bring you joy and are good for you. The go-to response to both celebration and hardship is almost always food. We can find other ways to nurture ourselves without overeating. Here is a list of things that can make us feel good other than food;

  • The sun, ah yes, sunshine is so good, increasing feel-good hormones, which are especially beneficial during winter. We can feel even better by soaking up some rays instead of eating warm comfort foods.
  • Relax and watch a good movie, preferably a comedy. Laughter is good medicine and makes you feel much better than food. Plus, all that laughter burns calories!
  • Rearrange a room; this makes us feel refreshed and new. It feels great to improve our surroundings by rearranging our office or home.
  • Plus, housework is great exercise and makes for a great new hang out to watch those movies, feeling even better.
  • Munch on sunflowers. I like the ones in the shell because I have to work for them instead of tossing handfuls in my mouth. Shelled sunflower seeds are an activity that gives us something to concentrate on occupying the mind, and they are a happy food!
  • Sunflower seeds are a good source of protein and fiber that are rich in selenium, a nutrient that makes us instantly feel good, happier, and just about as fast as we can eat them.

3 Reasons to Move

Instead of Eating

8. Find ways to move that make you feel better and look better because looking better can make you feel even better. That's the sustainable way to deal with pain, stress, and emotional eating.

The good news about exercise is new studies have discovered that a short 5-minute burst of exercise offers feel-good benefits. If you simply hate to work out, this is good news. Even those who avoid working out can manage 5 minutes of movement daily.

Turn on the radio, dance, sing, and grab a brush or wooden spoon for a microphone. It will make you feel great. This stimulates the production of feel-good pheromones. A small burst of movement such as this creates positive feelings and a more effective response.

It's not rocket science. All you need to do is elevate your heart rate and exert the body enough to single the brain to release good endorphins. Exercise is a great habit that helps keep the lows away and the urge to overeat.

Sample lots of get-up-and-move activities until you find one right and pleasing to your taste. This is empowering and feels even better when comparing it to how powerful it feels to feed ourselves. Looking good always feels better than anything taste.

The Takeaway for Short Burst of Movement

Short bursts of stimulating movement can make us feel a significant amount better than any food taste. The positive results last longer and without feeling guilty after the fact.

Sleep Instead of Eating

9. Catch up on your z's. A good night's rest is crucial for all healthy body functions. When you don't get the proper rest, you eat more, jeopardizing your health and well-being. Countless people claim to eat in order to stay awake, especially when driving long distances or to and from work.

Sleep is vital to better deal with stress. Sleep and relaxation are a real need. A power snooze, a long nap, or some much-needed downtime are helpful to supplement a good night’s sleep during times of stress and fatigue.

Move Away From Food

10. Get out of the house. It’s important to take the occasional road trip or hide out at home to watch a movie marathon or sleep in on weekends because each is good medicine.

The truth of the matter is a food fix makes us feel cared for and valuable. Knowing and accepting this awakens your mind to a new concept and how to better address these real and valid needs. The truth is overeating is a human condition most all of us come face to face with.

None of us should ever feel bad about overeating from time to time. There is nothing wrong with you; you are not weak; you just need to get some relief, as do all living creatures. Building a strong sense of self is one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself.

So the next time you feel the urge to eat something, you shouldn't when you shouldn't think of other ways to self-nurture. Think about your reward jar and a nice fancy glass of ice-cold water in a pretty glass.

Anytime you get down on yourself for overeating or binge eating and don't dive back into this unhealthy habit, tuck some money in your reward jar and dream.

Dreaming is thinking, and what you think about happens. So work to stop all the negative chatter, you know, that poisonous inner dialogue. The inner bully!

Safety Precautions for Overeaters

If, after reading this far, you feel you need more support to stop overeating, this will do the trick. The 3-Step Method can provide more strategies.

11. Change your surroundings and change you. Remember the power of your surroundings and how your home can either trigger or nurture you. Your home or living space makes you feel good when you create it to provide a loving, nurturing environment as you would a child, that child, you.

Worry and frustration manifest from a messy home. It makes us feel bad and therefore sets the mood to overeat, or worse closet eat.

Love yourself by loving your home and surroundings. Make your space feel inviting for you, your friends, and your family. Every time you feel the urge to overeat, do one thing to improve your home. You will feel good and redirect your energy to something positive with long-lasting feel-good energy.

Often times, it's in knowing why we do something that we find the cure. Other tips to avoid eating when you don't want or need to include;

  • Put on lipstick or gloss.
  • Take a hot bubble bath.
  • Try on clothes you want to fit into
  • Brush your teeth
  • Take a walk around your yard or to a park
  • Pet a dog or cat
  • Call a friend or family member with a positive disposition

There are so many things you can focus on to avoid overeating. Topping the list is making you and your surroundings more beautiful and comfortable.

Leaving the house in the morning looking good makes for a better day, and coming home to a clean and inviting home keeps the good vibe going.

Your loving and nurturing environment provides relaxation, rest, and healing, which are all vital to self-care and love, the two things that will keep you from overeating.

FAQs Why I Overeat

Tips and Tricks to Stop Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that after coming to terms with overeating, you may require more information to understand better why you overeat and how you can stop. With this in mind, we include frequently asked questions by people like yourself.

We feel confident that these questions and answers will help you better deal with why you overeat and how to stop. Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to sharing other helpful blog posts.

Why do I like eating so much?

Highly palatable foods trigger feel-good chemicals including dopamine. After experiencing the pleasure associated with the increased rush of dopamine transmission in your brain's reward pathway you may quickly feel the need to eat again. This can lead to overeating and binge eating, both habits that can be replaced with other coping methods that deliver a similar release of feel-good results. 

How can I feel full without eating?

We often confuse the body's need for water with hunger however the most effective way to feel full without eating is to drink more water throughout the day.

What causes me to want to eat all the time?

The medical term for constant and extreme hunger is polyphagia. If you feel hungry all the time regardless of eating regular healthy meals consult your doctor. Polyphagia is just one of the things that can cause hunger.

How much weight do you lose after not eating for 24 hours?

The truth is intermittent fasting is a way to create slow, steady weight loss.

During a 24-hour fast, you can lose 1/2 to 3/4 pounds of non-water weight that's mostly from body fat.

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