How To Stop Overeating: 7 Reasons We Eat Too Much

One of the biggest dangers of overeating, other than getting fat and suffering health-related issues, is what we deprive ourselves of when we do it. Join us as we explore the truth of the matter.

How To Stop Overeating: 7 Reasons We Eat Too Much
When Did We First Think We All Just Have to Have Our Own Pizza???

One of the biggest dangers of overeating, other than getting fat and suffering health-related issues, is what we deprive ourselves of when we do it. Join us as we explore the truth of the matter.

The food we have to eat to live, and with that comes celebrations, holidays, and feel-good moments. We find comfort in food. It's no wonder so many of us overeat. In fact, all of us do at one time or another.

Why do some of us get trapped in the cycle of overeating or binge eating? Learn why you do it, why you should stop, and how to control it once and for all.

The Big Problem Linked to Overeating

Overeating Addresses a Real and Constant Need

The two biggest problems linked to overeating are the fact that there is a real need that must and should be met and the vital nutrients we deprive our bodies of that escalate the cycle of mindless eating.

Pain, loneliness, and uncertainty are real; you deserve validation. While food seems to help, the feeling is short-lived and quickly switches from feeling good to feeling guilty or ashamed. This feeds the cycle of overeating or binge eating.

Mindless binge eating most often involves sugary, salty, bad carbs and fatty foods, all of which do not provide the vital nutrients the body needs to maintain good health. In fact, all the foods mentioned contribute to illness and disease when not eaten in moderation.

  1. The need to soothe. While a nurturing replacement for the very real need to soothe, be cared for, and be validated. There will be days when you need to practice a bit more self-care and love. It is all a part of life. We are thinking and caring creatures, and when others disregard us, take us for granted, or do other more damaging acts, we need to heal.

These daily microaggressions or disregards are sprinkled throughout the day. While we can identify and overlook most for what they are, someone else's issue, we still carry the weight of it until truly shaking it off and leaving it in the past.

Dealing with such stresses is a natural and very necessary process we must practice to maintain our well-being and overall wellness. Food is the easy route; it is expected that we must eat, so food is the path of least resistance and is always available.

  1. Food is always available, but it is not the answer and must be replaced with healthy healing options; let's explore those options.

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Have You Been Asking Yourself

"Why Do I Overeat?"

  1. To Ease Internal Pain. We feel pain for many reasons, and when we do, we yearn to make it stop. We tend to eat because it feels good! When we feel down and out, exhausted from a long day full of stress and nonsense, a comforting spa getaway is not realistic. We need to ease the discomfort and flat-out feel good, decompress, and find joy when and where we can!
  2. It's Just SO Easy. Food is a quick and reliable source to shift from feeling pain to relief. We, humans, are constantly seeking the path of least resistance. All too often, that includes the desire for feel-good instant gratification, which leads us to food. Food is tied to many things that remind us of happier times, and this makes for a quick and easy reference to soothe what ails us anytime and anywhere.

Now more than ever, this problem is escalating. We can pick up our phone and order just about anything we can imagine. It is delivered to our home with little to no effort on our part other than browsing the menu.

There is no cooking, no clean up, just us sitting on the couch binge-watching our favorite series and stuffing our faces with food that most often isn't good for us.

Overeating and Binge Eating

The Take Away on Overeating

  1. Statistics. The entire country's obesity rates have exploded, making it all seem normal. We lounge and eat more now than ever, and the pandemic really got us settled into this unhealthy habit. Unfortunately, it stuck and is now a well-cemented ritual for many of us. But you and I both know it's one we want and need to break.
You are not alone, you are not weak, you are merely a human struggling with the human condition. Let's beat this by learning to practice self-care and love.

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The Real Need For Self-Care and Love

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  1. When we don't care for ourselves, it devalues our worth and sends us back to food for comfort. Instead of spending more money than you realize on comfort foods, spend less monthly on your own personal self-care box. This switch is a win. WIN!

Food is a source of nurturing love from the time we're born till the time we die; it is the one thing we can depend on and control for the most part. However, you can control other aspects of your life.

The TheraBox is a popular tool that has proven to give overeaters options that can distract them from their old habit while building new habits of self-love and care. These boxes are geared to help you feel cared for, worthy, and valuable and look better in the process. We all know looking good helps us feel good!

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Adding a decorative box for your self-care items to a table where you spend time decompressing adds to your self-care ritual. You can even have your name engraved by the seller. Each box has a lock and key, providing you control if you choose to use it.

When you begin to treat yourself special you feel special and those who feel like that do not toss food at themselves as if a trash can. NO, you are a beautiful vessel and should be treated as such. No one else will do it so you must. Say this and say it often, let it be the angel setting on the shoulder of your soul whispering in your ear, "I like myself, I love myself, I really, really do!"

Some of my articles include affiliate links, books, and journals I have written as supportive materials. This means that I may earn an affiliate or author's commission at zero cost to you if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

What is most important is for you to take control of overeating. To get what you desire, provide yourself with the tools to help you maintain positive steps and achieve your goals. When you follow my suggestions, you will find yourself in an Amazon category of helpful materials and tools other than my recommendations. Choose what resonates with you, the things that will support you. That is what truly matters most. Thank You, Katie

The Need to Control is Real

  1. There is a valid need to have some control over our lives. The word control is a big factor when it comes to overeating. While any day's events can be good or bad, we are sometimes powerless, having no control over the outcome. If you typically retreat to your favorite seat to watch television. make certain to have your self-care box handy. Instead of eating while you decompress, care for yourself by practicing personal care.

You may feel down after a bad day, so you eat to feel better. When it's a good day, you may eat to celebrate. It seems as though we've come up with a reason to toss food into the mix of just about everything. Instead, focus on taking care of your health and appearance.

Soon, instead of leaving the house with a bulging tummy, you will glow with a fresh manicure, a supple face from a nurturing facemask, and gorgeous hair from special hair care products. You get the idea and can imagine how this will feel.

Acts of self-care and love stick with you like armor protecting and nurturing you with feel-good energy. There are no bad after-effects or feelings of guilt, just selfworth and pride.

FAQs How To Stop Overeating: The Dangers of Mindless Eating Frequently Asked Questions

It's normal to have lingering questions regarding overeating and binge eating. With this in mind, we've created a list of frequently asked questions regarding binge or mindless eating plus overeating.

It can help you overcome this eating ritual by exploring this topic further for answers that ring true to you and deliver helpful facts and solutions.

This author and transformation coach believes in the struggle, knows it is real and powerful, and has learned the best ways to address and overcome it, making you feel valued and like yourself again.

And if after reading this you need more information on why you overeat, follow along as we dig deeper to answer the question, Why I Overeat?

Remember, you are whole, powerful, loving, healthy, happy, and worthy!

Stay Beautiful Following The Life You Crave,


What helps mindless eating?

Why You Eat Mindlessly and How to Stop

  • Each day you make around 200 decisions about food most of which you are unaware of such as visual images promoting us to indulge. These are some strategies to eliminate overeating mindlessly;
  • Buy smaller packages of food
  • Use smaller plates and taller slender glasses
  • Limit variety
  • Keep food out of sight in cupboards etc.
  • Eat with chopsticks
  • After plating food put leftovers away in the fridge
  • Try to cook less to eliminate leftovers

How do I stop mindless snacking?

Store snacks out of sight, out of mind, or eliminate snack purchases period! Develop a Water Ritual Instead have fancy water in glass bottles displayed in a wine rack and lots of fresh citrus fruits in a basket nearby to add to the water. Display a lovely wooden cutting board nearby to slice and prepare lemons and limes. Serve water iced in fancy glasses.

Try fizzy mineral water for an added flare and ceremony!

What is an example of mindless eating?

Mindless eating is the opposite of mindful eating, often referred to as distracted eating. This tends to be associated with stress, anxiety, and results in overeating, and weight gain.

Some examples of this are; · Eating while driving · Eating at work, desk, work-space · Eating while watching television or while navigating other screens such as tablets, laptops, and cell phones.

What is the psychology of mindless eating?

Mindless eating stems from psychological behaviors. This can occur when the brain is stimulated by distractive and repetitive habits that develop into habitual behaviors of overeating.

The result of mindless eating due to mindless or knee-jerk decisions made regarding food can have profound effects on weight and overall well-being.