7 Reasons You Eat Too Much: How to Stop Overeating!

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7 Reasons You Eat Too Much: How to Stop Overeating!
Why I Overeat: The Truth About Overeating!

The cycle of overeating is one many of us struggle with, let's get to the bottom of what makes you overeat, what you can do about it, and how common it is to binge.

The hard cold truth is this, some of us develop or have issues with food and one good binge could send us over the edge and into a lengthy period of overeating, packing on pounds, and feeling overall bad about ourselves.

Have you ever wished you could be one of those people who could eat anything they want and never gain weight? Ask yourself is it so you can eat more and not see any evidence of it on your outward appearance?

But, what about you, the depths of your soul, and how badly this habit makes you feel about your beautiful self? Self-care and love do not include overeating or bingeing.

So you may be wondering if overeating is a serious and deep-rooted problem or a simple aspect of the human condition. It is both and one that can be overcome.

If you have loved ones near and dear who are overweight and worry about their health or perhaps it is you that worries about yourself you are in the right place. So let's get to the bottom of overeating and binge eating and make life better for us all.

No two people eat for the same reason, we can generalize this problem but we each have different life experiences and therefore different triggers. For some of us, overeating can be a rarity and for others a habit.

Top Reasons We Overeat

#1 Reason For Overeating

We are all mere mortals and throughout our lives, we have been cared for and loved by way of food. When we feel unloved, hurt, or neglected we turn to the one thing that has always delivered comfort and support, delicious food!

There is no shame in seeking comfort, we all need it and should receive it from loved ones, but this isn't always the case. We live such busy self-involved lives which can lead to neglecting relationships. When it happens to you it is very painful and if you don't provide yourself with positive self-care and love food will step it to do the job.

Listen Up Caregivers

#2 Reason For Overeating

When I say caregivers this includes Mom's, Dad's, Siblings, Grand Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Teachers, Coaches, and on and on the list goes.

The bottom line is this if you are someone who consistently cares for and provides for others and those acts are not reciprocated it HURTS!

You just keep chugging along, bottling it all up inside because after all you are supposed to be gracious, giving unconditionally and without a peep. NO this is not TRUE!

But what about you, who is truly taking care of you as well as you do others? The main side effect of overeating is weight gain and that can send us far down the rabbit hole to self-loathing and defeat.

I have special help geared just for you and it is an in-depth report explaining the best probiotics for weight loss and a comprehensive guide to weight loss and maintenance for life.

Eating To Live

#3 Reason For Overeating

One big reason we overeat is due to the fact that we have to eat to live and living is most often about eating. We celebrate with food, we soothe with food, we convey our love with food, and on and on. You get it right?

Food is the cornerstone of all that is good in life. When we don't experience good in life we turn to food to give us that instant relief of pain, sadness, and sometimes even anger.

Live To Eat

We have to eat to live but all too often we find ourselves living to eat at outings, events, celebrations, functions, meetings, and worst of all when we are alone. It's during these times we tend to eat things we normally would not or should not.

Why? Perhaps you are alone and instead of attempting to engage with strangers, or those you know but want to avoid you turn to the feast presented.

Food never judges, argues, rejects, or asks you to do something you don't want. Food delivers good feelings each and every time but does it last?

Food and Control

# 4 Reason For Overeating

Food is life and we all want to live well often confusing wellness with well-off as in the monetary value of what we have and don't have.

We may not be able to control all that comes at us but we can control food. We can buy whatever we want, there are no limitations or restrictions if we have the money to buy something extravagant we can and we do to feel empowered.

When you cannot achieve a certain status you've set for yourself it can feel as if you're losing control of your dreams which fuels doubt and puts you in a bad headspace.

We sometimes eat vengefully. This occurs when we get really mad at ourselves for not being where we think we should be in life. We therefore might eat in a vengeful manner to punish ourselves. Eating a lot of bad food is a way to bully yourself for failing, as in you are no good, a loser, and all you can do is eat.

Food Is Just So Easy

Buying whatever type of food we want makes us feel good! We are in control and if something deflates our self-worth, or plain out hurts us emotionally we can soothe and pamper ourselves with delicious feel-good food.

Turning To Food Because of Money Woes

# 5 Reason For Overeating

When we want or need material things but find a particular item to be out of reach, or not affordable, we feel deprived. The inability to buy material things we either need or don't actually need can send us over the edge and into a huge plate of fries after all they are affordable.

It bites to have little or no disposable funds and so we bite into something to ease the disappointment.

How Rejection Triggers Overeating

# 6 Reason For OverEating

We see it in movies all the time, a broken-hearted someone who has lost love or is rejected drowns their sorrow in a big vat of ice cream.

The failure to attract the object of our desire can send us straight into the arms of a big platter of chicken wings.

Situations such as these make us depressed and with the feelings of deprivation, we sometimes self-soothe using the only way we can food.

Vindication With Junk Food

# 7 Reason For Overeating

How can we deny ourselves when we need it to live? Splurging on special food to brighten our day is a deeply rooted ritual going back many years.

Delicious food can be found in all the celebrations of our lives, holidays, birthdays, and a whole other multitude of food-oriented moments conditioning us to turn to food when all else fails.

When in pain we vindicate ourselves by providing ourselves with lavish culinary treats from our past and better days. It signals we are valued and loved when we feel undervalued and unloved.

We can all relate and once you think about it the problem becomes clear. The best way to solve this problem is to identify it for what it is a habit. Yes, a big fat habit we have been conditioned to do all the days of our lives.

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The First Step To Recovering From Overeating

Face reality and be honest with yourself accepting the fact that overeating is a problem for you.

Identify the reasons you overeat, these are triggers, and once you understand what sends you over the edge and into a big bag of chips you can address it, heal from it, and stop the damaging behavior.

Now that we've covered the reasons we overeat explore yours fully, face them head-on, and get the help you need to recover, more on this coming up.

Overeating is a common issue many face. The reasons we overeat are different and yet the same. The biggest reason we overeat or binge is because of something that repeatedly happens to us or perhaps even childhood trauma.

You can heal childhood trauma. Check out the books I've written and save yourself a lot of time as these are intended to help those who know they are not living the life they believe they should. The books are guided therapy and help you identify why you struggle. This sometimes includes but is not limited to childhood trauma. One book alone includes 22 strategies to help you get your life back on track and move toward the life you are meant to enjoy.

Things That Happen Repeatedly

  1. You are taken advantage of and need to learn the power of NO!
  2. You live with someone who may have a disorder that causes you extreme or chronic stress or even emotional harm.
  3. You are in a bad relationship.
  4. You are in an abusive relationship.
  5. You are not living up to the expectations you place on yourself.
  6. You've become a people pleaser.
  7. You struggle with imposter syndrome.

and more...

To work on self-improvement, identify issues getting in the way of your best life, and learn strategies to heal, overcome and build the life you crave get the playbook below.

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Why Live The Life You Crave

There are a multitude of reasons causing us to overeat, to identify yours get your handbook to the life you crave. This book is for advancing and thriving in all areas of your life. It may be something from our past holding us back and causing unhealthy habits. Let's identify yours!

I am the author of this book which means that, at zero cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

What is most important is for you to take control of overeating. To get what you desire provide yourself with the tools to help you maintain positive steps and achieve your goals. When you follow my suggestions you will find yourself in a category of helpful materials and tools other than my recommendations. Choose what resonates with you, the things that will support you, that’s what truly matters most.

We are all different and our needs are as well, address YOURS!

The Bottom Line

While I've researched my way through piles of books and journals, all explaining why we overeat, the facts rang hollow. I decided to do the human thing factoring in my real-life experiences, conversations, and observations of others throughout my practice.

I'm a transformation coach and enlisted the help of my clients who struggled with overeating, shame, and disappointment that is tied to incidents of their past. What we learned is enlightening and I am confident something you will relate to and find helpful.

We must fill our lives with good healthy food and understand it is perfectly fine to avoid trigger foods with the I Don't method in a polite manner in fact a basic and simple “NO” does the trick.

Most people won’t force-feed you and even more won't bat an eye when you simply say, "No thank you."

They may pause and think "I really shouldn't either." You will become the envy of most others who desire to do the same, stop eating so much, get healthy, lose weight, and feel fit, alive, and energized.

Being the person others admire and or envy for your lack of interest in the ritualistic partaking in unnecessary food feels pretty good! Truth be told it feels way better than anything taste.

Stay Beautiful Living The Life You Crave,

Your Coach Katie


Why I Overeat Frequently Asked Questions

I understand how overeating can creep up on you, hit you from out of the blue, and have you stuffing your face with forbidden junk foods. I also know how bad you can feel after the fact.

You should know, you are not alone! This is a very common problem most of us face. It is for this reason I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions by others like you.

Glancing over this resource for overeaters can help you realize you are not alone, and ease up on the judgment and shame all while being empowered to beat the habit of overeating.

My most positive thoughts go with you and if or when you slip up, start the process again, don't think twice, forgive yourself, and start the I Don't cycle.

Why Do I Overeat So Much

Everyone overeats from time to time and yet the repeated cycle of binge eating can develop into a disorder that is different. You may have moved past occasional overeating and to a disorder if you regularly eat a lot of food in just a few hours when you're not hungry to drown out emotions. After overeating or binge eating you quickly feel shame or guilt. If you react to emotional pain by eating you are more prone to developing an eating disorder. 

In review, overeating often occurs during the holidays, celebrations, and special occasions which is common and nothing to worry about if such events do not trigger you to continually overeat for days or weeks later. Whereas most people practice eating healthy to cleanse their bodies after such events. Understanding which category you fall into better helps you to address the issue and heal. 

What is the psychology of why we overeat?

When individuals use food to cope with feelings of emotions and stress, by eating and afterward fall into a seemingly endless cycle of overeating or binge eating this is psychological.

Some psychological reasons for overeating or binge eating are; feeling empty or numb, lacking emotion or feeling too much emotion, response to trauma, stress, or challenge.

Why do I eat even when I'm full?

What some may feel is gluttony actually has a scientific term, hedonic hunger. This is the desire to eat for pleasure instead of eating to provide the body with calories needed for energy. This is an addictive behavior that should be addressed as such.

What is compulsive overeating?

Those who chronically (consistently and routinely) overeat may struggle with a common eating disorder called compulsive overeating also known as binge eating. Symptoms of this are eating large amounts of food, eating quickly, and gorging to the point of discomfort.

What happens to your stomach when you overeat?

Overeating can cause the stomach to expand from large amounts of food. The stomach then pushes against nearby organs creating discomfort which can make one feel a lack of energy, drowsy, and sluggish.

Eating is meant to provide the body with more energy to move forward and accomplish the desired task or activities. Overeating causes the opposite reaction and is not beneficial.

Can food be considered an addiction?

The Causes and Signs of Food Addiction Include; a loss of control over eating behaviors, the desire to stop but can't, eating to the point of feeling sick and uncomfortable, and feeling ashamed or guilty.

Does overeating permanently stretch your stomach?

The occasional big feast like Thanksgiving won't cause your stomach to stretch permanently. The stomach is capable of expanding and contracting to accommodate your daily food intake and occasionally overeating won't impact this ability.

However, chronic overeating or binge eating can cause your stomach to expand beyond the point of reducing to its normal empty state.